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Welcome! MrChromebox.tech exists to provide background info on Chrome OS, Developer Mode, and Legacy Boot Mode, as well as info on modifying/replacing the the firmware on your device in order to better meet your needs. If you're looking for information on how to run Linux or Windows on your Chromebook or Chromebox, you've come to the right place.

It's also the home of the Chrome OS Firmware Utility Script and Kodi E-Z Setup Script, which simplify and automate many of the tasks required to run an alternate OS and/or Kodi Media Center on your Chromebook or Chromebox.

Whether you're looking for a quick-start guide to run Linux or Windows, or looking for more in-depth information on how the hardware and software work on Chrome OS devices, the links below should have you covered.

Quick Start Guide

Chrome OS Boot Modes

Developer Mode in Depth

Firmware, Firmware, Firmware

Hardware Support

Getting Help

Frequently Asked Questions